Business Class

My original booking was for a ticket in Economy Class. This upgrade happened unexpectedly at the gate and, I failed to notice my ticket. I didn’t know about it until I was in the cabin. A cabin crew staff pointed me to a business class seat and, told me that was it. I told her my booking was for a seat in Economy Class. I realized that I was upgraded when she verified it again. It was indeed an amazing moment! Food was absolutely delicious. I was going back home with a lot of memories and, this journey made me feel a lot better. The service on the flight was very good. The in-flight entertainment kept me entertained throughout the journey. This was my first time in a herringbone configured cabin. The seat had enough room and the walls offered a good amount of privacy. When folded, the 73” seat became an entirely flatbed. Being able to stretch your legs on a long flight does feel comfortable! There were other features available in the cabin like hanger, newspaper and magazines on demand, ample storage space, power sockets and more. Overall, I had a nice time on this flight with some memorable moments.

Boeing 777

I have been flying with Jet Airways for over 6 years. There were just two delayed flights and no cancellations. They were the best in serving Indian food while flying domestic and international routes. Their service has always been great. They had the best airline partners and, the most rewarding Frequent Flyer Program called JetPrivilege.

Thank you, Jet Airways, for all the memories and amazing time in the air!